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Do you want to be able to save a life yourself? Everybody can take a course. To sign up directly for a Dutch spoken course, click  HERE!

For groups it is also possible to sign up for a English spoken course. Ask the specific local chapter of Taskforce QRS for the possibilities through our contact page. Before or after the course, you can read more about cardiopulmonary resuscitation on our step-by-step page and our FAQ. These pages are not translated (yet), so you will have to use Google Translate or ask a Dutch friend.

Stats school year 2019-2020

New students: 7505

Students refreshed: 4078

New adults: 1515

Adults refreshed: 254

What do we do?

Our mail goal is to teach cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to as many secondary school students as possible. To reach our goal, our instructors visit schools to provide a short course during which the students are taught the most essential skills. Of course not just students, but everybody should know CPR. That is why anybody can sign up for a course with us. Lastly, we participate in all kinds of local and national activities concerning resuscitation in an effort to increase public attention for circulatory arrest and CPR. Of course the importance of CPR courses at school is our main point of attention during these activities. We do not have a commercial incentive for any of our activities. Click on the navigation bar above for more information about schools, other courses and other activities. These pages are not translated (yet), so you will have to use Google Translate or ask a Dutch friend.

Why do we do it?

Outside of the hospital there are about 130 cases of people receiving CPR every week. In other words: that is quite often! During a circulatory arrest without any resuscitation, chances of survival decrease by 10% every minute. So it is essential that bystanders can provide immediate help. It is also very important, that enough people sign up to HartslagNu, the resuscitation volunteer network in the Netherlands. This way bystanders can be relieved quickly and an AED will be on site as soon as possible. All these factors significantly increase the chances of survival without severe residual symptoms.

Our focus lies on secondary school students, because they are able to learn new skills without much effort. Furthermore, a skill learnt at a young age lasts a lifetime. By starting CPR education with students, a whole generation and eventually the entire population can perform this skill. Lastly, the practical CPR courses are a welcome addition to the theoretical secondary school curriculum. Attention to healthcare and reflection on the end of life are additional valuable parts of these courses at schools.

Who are we?

Taskforce QRS (Qualitative Resuscitation by Students) consists primarily of university students. Most of these are medical students. Of course we have local as well as national support by professors and other experts. The idea to let medical university students provide CPR courses for secondary school students has originated in 2004 in Maastricht. By now, more than 15,000 students are beïng educated each year. This is done from our seven local organisations in Amsterdam, Groningen, Leiden, Maastricht, Nijmegen, Rotterdam and Utrecht.

How you can help

As stated above, we do not have a commercial incentive. So any financial help is welcome. You can donate by clicking HERE.

Of course you can also help by starting a similar project in your own country or region. Several initiatives have already been realised. If you are planning on doing the same, you can always contact us for suggestions and to hear our experiences.

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