Knowledge of the European Emergency Number in secondary schools for different grades and education level groups

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Purpose of the study: Survival after sudden cardiac arrest depends on a well-functioning chain of survival. The first link of this chain: ‘Early Access’ indicates the importance of calling the emergency number bringing professional help to the scene. A previous study found that in general EU respondents were unfamiliar with 112 as an EU-wide emergency number, with just over a 26% correctly identifying 112 as the number to call anywhere in the EU in case of an emergency.

Materials and methods: A total of 2300 school students of three schools in the province of Limburg participated in a CPR training program. To assess, among others, whether students were familiar with the Europe-wide used emergency number they completed a questionnaire before start of the CPR-training.

Results: A total of 2185 students completed the questionnaire (mean age 14.9, male: 50.4%). Of those 1776 (81.3%) students correctly mentioned the emergency number 112. The number was unknown to 383 students. An incorrect number was given by 26 students of whom 8 students mentioned 911. Correct answers for the different grades were 1 year: 81%, 2nd year 84%, 3rd year 82%, 4th year 79% and 5th year 81% (p = .064). Educational level and gender showed no difference. Of the middle educational level students 82% and from the higher level students 81% gave the correct number (p = .168) Percentages for male students were 79% and female students 83% (p = .096) respectively.

Conclusions: Knowledge of the European Emergency Number among students in secondary schools in this study is well above the rates previously measured in the Euro barometer and without differences between age, gender and school level. However there is room for improvement, indicating that CPR training for secondary school students should include teaching of the Europe wide used emergency number.

Authors: Petra Schuffelen, Wendy Kicken, Hesam Amin, Ton Gorgels
Publication: Abstracts from Resuscitation 2013 ERC Symposium on Outcomes