Opinions of secondary school students about obligatory CPR training in school

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Purpose of the study: Guidelines state that to obtain cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills in an entire community, training during the secondary school curriculum is recommended. In some countries CPR-training is already implemented in the school curriculum, while others are still hesitating. An important aspect in this regard is the opinion of secondary school students about this topic.

Materials and methods: A total of 1720 school students of a secondary school in the Dutch province of Limburg participated in a 1½ hour Meuse-Rhine Euregion CPR training program EMuRgency. Before the training most students had little knowledge on the topic. A questionnaire regarding opinion and willingness about the obligation of CPR-training in school was completed before and after the CPR-training.

Results: A total of 1252 students completed both questionnaires (mean age 14.4; SD: 1.3; male: 46.6%). Before the CPR-training 1100 (87.9%) students agreed that CPR-training should be part of the school curriculum and 1063 (84.9%) after the training. For male students these figures were 83% and 77% and for female students 92% and 91%. Regarding educational level these figures were respectively: higher educational level 83% and 78%, preparatory scholarly education 90% and 89%. An increase was observed per higher school year: 1st year: 84% and 78%, 2nd year 87% and 83% 3rd year 92% and 91%, 4th year 88% and 90% and 5th year 96% and 96%.

Conclusions: Although students, before participating in CPR training, had little knowledge on the topic, the large majority agreed that CPR-training should be obligatory in secondary schools. This opinion persisted after the training and increased per higher school year. This information is encouraging when considering implementing CPR training in secondary schools.

Authors: Petra Schuffelen, Julie Sijmons, Ali Ghossein, Hesam Amin, Anton Gorgels
Publication: Resuscitation 2014, ERC Symposium on Guidelines: Abstract Presentations
Link-out: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.resuscitation.2014.03.034